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Protect your precious horse/equine and be sure to initiate an International Horse Registry transfer when you sell your horse.

This form and the same fee, will also allow you to update any information on your I.H.R. Registration Certificate.  For example a change of address, additional notes about disciplines, training, medical history, scars, etc.   Simply fill the form out with the additional or new information and forward it with payment.

Please keep in mind that if you are buying or already own a horse/equine that is not registered with International Horse Registry, it’s never too late to register and protect your horse.  Applications here.


Please note there is a section on the transfer document to UPDATE any information that may have changed since the equine/horse was originally registered with International Horse Registry.

When sold and the I.H.R. Transfer document is completed and received, the registered name of the horse will change to buyer’s surname. Your name will drop down for history purposes.

International Horse Equine Alert System coverage will continue to follow your horse as long as a Transfer document is completed and filled out with the new owner’s information and submitted with the appropriate payment.

Photo above:  Cassandra Payne with show name ‘Better than Chocolate’ or barn name ‘Beetle’.
Owners:  Trish & Chris Cowland, Sprout Meadows, Merville, BC

Photo credit:  Robyn Pendak / Hoof Pics Photography

I bought a horse and didn't fill out a transfer form right away, is there a late fee?

No, there is not a late fee.  Please keep in mind that you want YOUR information in our Equine Alert System as soon as possible so take a moment right now to fill out a Transfer document at:

I purchased a colt/stallion, is there a time limit to geld? Must I geld?

The date of gelding is agreed betweeen parties. We are strongly encouraging gelding to help regulate breeding as part of  our program and goal but we don't force it upon sellers/buyers.

May I submit a new set of pictures with a transfer agreement?

In some cases, yes you may.

If the horse has changed significantly, for example changed from black to grey, or has any new significant scars, tattoos, branding, etc. or grown up since first being registered, you may submit a new set of pictures, along with a Transfer Form.  

If these changes are requested during the transfer of ownership, the changes will of course be included in the transfer fee.

Otherwise the fee to make changes will be the same as the transfer fee and please use a transfer form. 

Will my information remain attached to my horse's file even after I sell?

Yes, when you sell a horse registered with International Horse Registry your information will be tied to that horse for the duration of its life.  This is part of our mission to help future owners with doing the best possible for your horse throughout its life. 



PLEASE NOTE: International Horse Registry can not verify information supplied or take responsibility for any false statements. Buyers are strongly encouraged to verify all information provided by a seller.

STEP 1: 

International Horse Registry Transfer Form

Click the button below, fill out the I.H.R. Application and email it to:   

or you may mail it to:

International Horse Registry,
PO Box 428,
Lumby, British Columbia,
Canada, V0E 2G0

STEP 2: 

Click the Transfer link/LOGO below to pay for your International Horse Registry Transfer.

We accept PayPal or if you don’t have a PayPal account Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

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IMG_2054Banner picture at the top of this page features the gorgeous  Melina Baranyi and her horse Jet of Lumby, British Columbia, Canada.   Photo credit and a big thank you to Cathy Steigleder also of Lumby.

12289518_843815515735348_5887350870977898567_nThe photograph at the bottom of this page features up and coming TV commercial actor Sawyer Playdon.  Photo credit and a big thank you to the very talented Tanzyn Ambrose of Ridge Meadows PhotographyFacebook.