This story is definitely re-post worthy.

This story is a reminder to all of us in Canada who live within a days drive of where slaughter plants are in Alberta, or Quebec, about how easy it would be for any of our horses to be snatched and slaughtered before we even knew they were missing.  For example, International Horse Registry Director Tina lives within an easy drive of an Alberta slaughterhouse as does our webmaster.  So this story is pertinent to those who live ANY where in Canada, but especially in the provinces of Alberta and Quebec and neighbouring provinces, like British Columbia and Ontario.

Every horse owner within Canada or the United States needs to be aware that any horse can be stolen and because there are not protocols in place at slaughter plants, to double check that a horse is stolen, any of our horses could be slaughtered for human consumption without us being notified first.

Click the link below to listen to a Blue Sky Radio interview with Sargon’s owner.

Unfortunately slaughtering horses in Canada is legal. The practice has been banned in the United States but horses from the United States are routinely shipped to Canada and Mexico to be slaughtered.

There have been other well documented cases of horses disappearing and being slaughtered.

As of the date of this Blog Post Molly a Clydesdale is still missing. She disappeared September 22nd, 2018.