What to do if your horse is stolen or goes missing

What to do if your horse is stolen or goes missing

If you Are in Western Canada, IMMEDIATELY call the Brand Inspector, Tim @ Bouvry Exports in Fort MacLeod, Alberta. (403) 634-5799

Tim inspects all loads of incoming slaughter horses at the plant.

Unbranded horses can be offloaded by anyone claiming ownership and will often be slaughtered the same day they are delivered.

CALL THE RCMP FILE A REPORT with livestock investigators.

* B.C contact Cory Lepine RCMP BC Livestock Division @ (250) 314-1800

* Alberta call Livestock Investigator Andrew Grainger @ (780) 509-3293

*Next call the brand inspectors in BC and AB (or your province).

*BC Brand Inspectors @ (250) 314-9686

*AB Brand Inspectors @ (403) 553-2844

Contact International Horse Registry with all pertinent information available so we can file an “Equine Alert”.

Please have pictures available if you are not already Registered with the I.H.R.




YOU can help STOP horse slaughter for human consumption

YOU can help STOP horse slaughter for human consumption

Marie Bennett writes:

As you go through this site you are likely appalled by what you see and read about the slaughter of horses in Canada for human consumption, in Canada and in other markets.

You are likely appalled to learn that Canada also allows for the transport of live horses to other markets to be slaughtered for human consumption, transport that is not well regulated and has been proven to be inhumane.

BUT you may be thinking what can you do to put a stop to this?

The slaughter of horses in the United States has been banned, but horses from the United States are regularly shipped to Canada to be slaughtered here. U.S. horses also end up in Mexico to be slaughtered there.

If you are in the United States, continue to put pressure on your state and Federal politicians to take the ban on slaughter a step further, please also continue to share the fact that Canada and Mexico have not followed suit and still allow for the slaughter of horses for human consumption.

Yes, your shares on social media, and yes your conversations with friends, even if you don’t think you know any one in Canada or Mexico do make a difference. It’s not just about who you know, it’s about who your friends know and who their friends know.

Share educational tools like http://internationalhorseregistry.com/blog and  the recent documentary: From the Kill Pen.

If you are Canadian…

A recent Canadian Government sponsored petition has come to a close. The government has 45 days after the close date (October 11, 2018) to respond.

YOUR help on the matter is still required.

PLEASE take a few minutes to call your Member of Parliament, if at all possible ask for a meeting with your member, at the very least leave them a message telling them that you oppose the slaughter of horses within Canada and the shipping of horses outside of Canada to be slaughtered for human consumption in other markets.

Don’t be surprised if they don’t know anything about this matter.

Please also take the time to write a note, and please reach out to the Minister of Agriculture and let him know that you are opposed to horse slaughter in any form.

Find your Member of Parliament by clicking here.

You can find the Minister of Agriculture (Federal Government) by clicking here. (Lawrence MacAulay, Cardigan, Prince Edward Island)

What do I write?

We have a link with verbiage you can literally copy and paste. Click here.


What do I say when I speak with my Member of Parliament?

Speak from the heart. Tell them about any personal experience you’ve had with horses that were destined for slaughter, or why you personally find this practice appalling.

Over the phone AND in person you can request that your member pull up

http://bchorseangels.com – including the Horse Slaughter page,  and you can go through the site with them.  Use the site as a presentation tool.  Point them in the direction of various links, blog posts, VIDEOS, and news reports listed on the site,  that illustrate what is going on, and why you are adamant that this barbaric practice be stopped.  Don’t assume that they’ll do it after they get off the phone with you, ask them to pull it up while they are on the phone with you.

Make sure they know that the Canadian press at the National level is picking up on stories related to horse slaughter.

Again, be prepared for the fact that they may not be aware.

Follow up with another phone call.  Double check that they’ve spent some time, (and had their staffers spend some time), looking into the matter.

It might be that a staffer is the driving force behind a Member of Parliament taking action, the more people we can get looking at, and understanding what is happening the better chance we have of getting horse slaughter within and outside of Canada stopped.

Thank you for being you — and for taking action!  



$7500 REWARD:  Stolen horse headed to slaughter?

$7500 REWARD: Stolen horse headed to slaughter?

This post will be updated if Molly is found.  October 14th, 2018  she is STILL MISSING.

Cydesdale mare missing in Alberta and presumed stolen. Please help Cindy Thomas find her horse. Please share far and wide. Details below.

Cindy’s phone number: 780-898-8776

6yrs old. No brands. Her name is Molly. Last seen Saturday evening. Located in Entwistle/Evansburg, Alberta, Canada.(West of Edmonton & Spruce Grove.) BUT she could be almost any where by now.  If you see or hear of ANY horse matching this description please call Cindy at the number above.



Thanks to CITY TV (above) who was the first TV network to pick up this story.

CITY TV Edmonton: Follow up story (Molly is still missing.)

2 Minute video clip.

CTV NEWS Edmonton:

The CTV Edmonton News Report (VIDEO ABOVE) about Molly the missing Clydesdale references a story from 2017, where two pet horses were slaughtered for human consumption.  Details on that story may be found by clicking here.

This horse was among smaller horses who were not taken, this mare is a draft, a very large horse, the type that brings more money when sold for meat so unfortunately the assumption is that this horse has been stolen to be slaughtered in Alberta, Canada and the meat sold for human consumption.

(YES, unfortunately Canadian and American horses are routinely slaughtered in Alberta, Canada, even though the practice has been banned in the United States.)

ALL types of horses, every age, size and colour, papered or not, including pregnant mares and very young horses are slaughtered. Well trained included. Family pets, slaughter does not discriminate.

Additionally, draft horses like this horse are also shipped every week to Japan to be slaughtered there, again for human consumption.


Please share this missing horse far and wide.




PLEASE come forward…

PLEASE drop her off at a secure field. PLEASE being her home…no questions asked… I’ll help you unload and give you money for fuel… tell me what I can do.

Contact anyone on my friends list and tell them..

contact a rescue and make an anonymous call.

And if you truly can’t do that… can you tell someone at least that she’s safe??


A kind neighbour started a fund to get a reward offered.

Please do not in ANY way feel obligated to add .. just the support of you guys had been TREMENDOUS!

I can not thank you all enough for helping me share her photo and info… if she gets too hot, hopefully we can get her back!!

Share, share, share!



Unfortunately the paper trail when selling horses for slaughter is extremely weak.

Horses can be dropped off at a slaughter plant, and the person dropping off simply fills out a form stating that they are the rightful owner of the horse and that it has not been treated with drugs that are not meant to enter the human food chain.

The document when selling horses to a slaughter facility is based on the honour system.

There is NOT a mandatory hold time before slaughtering a horse that has been sold directly to the slaughter plant.

There is NOT any verification of ownership required by the slaughter house (unless the horse is branded), and again horses may be slaughtered the same day they are sold to the slaughter facility.


Really think about that for a moment.

Depending on where you live, especially if you are in British Columbia, Alberta or Saskatchewan, you could be at work.  Someone could pull in, load your horse, drive to a slaughter plant in Alberta (For example for most of those on the BC Horse Angels team, about 5 hours) and YOUR horse could be sold and slaughtered before you even know that he or she is or they, are missing.


Stolen Horse Sold for Hamburger

Stolen Horse Sold for Hamburger

This story is definitely re-post worthy.

This story is a reminder to all of us in Canada who live within a days drive of where slaughter plants are in Alberta, or Quebec, about how easy it would be for any of our horses to be snatched and slaughtered before we even knew they were missing.  For example, International Horse Registry Director Tina lives within an easy drive of an Alberta slaughterhouse as does our webmaster.  So this story is pertinent to those who live ANY where in Canada, but especially in the provinces of Alberta and Quebec and neighbouring provinces, like British Columbia and Ontario.

Every horse owner within Canada or the United States needs to be aware that any horse can be stolen and because there are not protocols in place at slaughter plants, to double check that a horse is stolen, any of our horses could be slaughtered for human consumption without us being notified first.

Click the link below to listen to a Blue Sky Radio interview with Sargon’s owner.

Unfortunately slaughtering horses in Canada is legal. The practice has been banned in the United States but horses from the United States are routinely shipped to Canada and Mexico to be slaughtered.

There have been other well documented cases of horses disappearing and being slaughtered.

As of the date of this Blog Post Molly a Clydesdale is still missing. She disappeared September 22nd, 2018.


Attention Keyboard Horse Warriors

Attention Keyboard Horse Warriors

Marie Bennett here:

I often have people tell me they wish they could do more, that they don’t own horses, that they “only” advocate via networking, and their key board. So as I was reading this post, I was thinking about so many of you who are tireless with your networking efforts, who do make a HUGE difference in the world.  THANK YOU for being YOU!  Thank you for sharing via your social media accounts and for educating others as to what is going on with horse slaughter in Canada.

On average each Facebook user has over 300 friends, so if you are among the camp who are sharing and spreading the word about causes you care about, keep in mind that each time you post, there is the possibility of, on average over 300 people seeing your post, and being educated about “your” cause.

Then as even one or two of your friends share your post, you can do the math… each of their on average 300 friends have the potential to see the post, and so forth and so on.

Add in your Twitter





Pinterest or other social media accounts and you get the idea,

EVERY share matters.

I’ve pulled a few paragraphs from Wendy’s post below – scroll down for her full post.


Wendy writes:

Think twice before leveling accusations of ‘nothing but a keyboard warrior.’

You’d be amazed how much rescue advocates can accomplish on behalf of at-risk horses, without a barn full of their own horses to care for. All it takes is a love of animals and a passion to help rescue them. The more we expand our rescue army even beyond the horse world, the safer our horses will be.


Later in her post she writes:

Every educational conversation is worth its weight in gold that warns owners of the dangers when transitioning their horse – both at auction where too many are sold for their meat or even giving a horse away without a contract. The horses suffer the consequences of our misplaced trust every time.


A bit further down Wendy writes:

What we do not need is infighting. I’m often accused of having no value, because I own no horses. If it weren’t for a friend’s pull of six horses from a feedlot, I wouldn’t have joined rescue networking and horse advocacy. I had no awareness that American horses were still slaughtered. Once learned it had to be acted upon – we all have these stories, we all have value.


Wendy ends her post with:

So many things can be done on behalf of our horses, especially by those of us not in a barn all day. Every front line team effort needs an entourage and helpers, so don’t dismiss keyboard warriors – horses need us all.

Join the conversation on Facebook.