Changing the world, one horse at a time.


Changing the world, one horse at a time.


Changing the world, one horse at a time.

Our mission at International Horse Registry is to provide each owner throughout the life of an equine with a detailed history of that horse, mule or donkey.

Any equine, of any age or breed or unknown breeding, any where in the world may be registered. with International Horse Registry.

Registered with a breed association – or not – you will find value in  the services we provide.

We offer generous discounts to the SPCA, equines adopted through the SPCA,  registered rescue societies, including non profit 501(C)  rescue organizations and to any horse that has received disease testing.  For example equines tested through a recognized testing facility for PSSM and 5 panel will qualify for a discounted IHR registration.

When you register your equine with I.H.R. you will be provided with a Certificate of Registration and a registration number.  Optionally, we encourage you to tattoo your horse’s lip with IHR and your registration number.  That number will be linked to the history of your equine, so that any future owners will have access to a variety of details, including but not limited to health, habits, disciplines and training.

The detailed, permanent records we track will be kept in our data base because horses worldwide are deserving of the best chance possible to be understood by each of their owners, and in turn be as successful as possible in all partnerships.

This process should begin with the breeder, but we can all be part of a change by registering all equines that we currently own with I.H.R., so moving forward a detailed, accurate history can be provided when buying or selling an equine.

Each I.H.R. registration certificate clearly states, “This horse was not bred for slaughter“.

The BC SPCA deals with hundreds of horses in distress each year and a certain number of those cases can be attributed to irresponsible breeding. We also have situations where having a health history or a previous owner history on a horse would assist in caring for those horses that do end up in our care. Just like we encourage permanent ID in cats and dogs, the same would apply to horses. As such, we would support programs that help address these issues.

Marcie Moriarty

Chief Prevention and Enforcement Officer, BC SPCA

Registering a horse with I.H. R. will result in fewer nameless horses at auctions, and reduce the number of horses that are needlessly slaughtered each year in Canada and Mexico. It is time to stand up and be responsible for our beloved equine friends. Please click here to visit the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition to learn more about the realities of horse slaughter for human consumption.

I.H.R. offers identification documents for proof of ownership, travel and in the case of theft.

I.H.R. documentation is extremely valuable should your equine become lost in an emergency situation including a natural disaster. It can provide life saving information in these situations, not only for your equine but for those handling your equine because I.H.R. documentation provides details on behavioral quirks and mannerisms, that will keep those handling safer.


For quick, precise identification I.H.R. registration forms will provide two pictures of your equine, one of each side, because we all know horses look different on each side.

You will receive two identical documents of Registration. We suggest you keep one for your files and that one be kept for emergency use, in your horse trailer or vehicle.


When you register your equine(s) with I.H.R. we also provide an emergency waiver that is designed to be shared with your local accredited Emergency Animal Evacuation group or groups. Simply fill out our authorization and consent form, and share it with the group or groups of your choice.

Every equine/horse registered with I.H.R. is automatically enrolled in our Equine Alert System.

International Horse Registry’s “Equine Alert” service is designed to help return your horse to you in the case of theft or  loss, including during a natural disaster.

This protection transfers to each new owner when our easy to use Transfer of Owner documents are filled out and submitted.

In addition our transfer forms offer an optional gelding agreement and a mandatory “no slaughter” clause to be signed by each new owner, any time the equine changes hands.


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DOCUMENTARY: From the Kill Pen

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11391196_10101380595487581_6023087539256847020_nBanner picture top of this page features Kyle Hansen.  Photo credit and many thanks to  Jenn Dystra of Open Image Lifestyle Photography.

IMG_9478International Horse Registry Logo design by the extremely talented Carmen Rudy.  Carmen  is an illustrator and graphic designer. She discovered an attraction to the visual arts at an early age and later pursued this interest at the Art Institute of Vancouver, where she graduated in 2015.  She specializes in acrylic and watercolour illustrations consisting of mainly creature and floral subjects. Carmen currently resides in Vancouver where she works as a full time designer at an international college located in Gastown.

Tina-mamma-baby-alberta-rescue-horsePhoto credits left and below:  Tamara Daub, Tiny Feet Photography High River, Alberta, Canada.

Tamara’s husband, Rob stood up and bid for this mare at a local auction after the auctioneer said that if no one did, she was going to be sent straight to slaughter.  Yes, even after someone stood on the mare’s back and threw a rope around to show just how well broke she was, Rob was the only one to step up.  He thought he bought two horses that day, a gelding and this mare but as it turned out Rob bought three.  The family woke up one morning to be totally surprised by this beautiful baby.  THANK YOU Tamara for sharing your gorgeous pictures and for all that your family is doing for all three of the horses you rescued.



Tamara and Rob’s lovely, sound, well broke mare and her foal are just two of the thousands of reasons why we started International Horse Registry.  Through no fault of her own, offered at an auction in Alberta, Canada,  she was pregnant and bound for slaughter for human consumption before Rob stepped up.

Please join I.H.R. in supporting the recently released Documentary Film tiled From the Kill Pen.  With further awareness surely we can put an end to the barbaric slaughter of horses in Canada, Mexico and beyond.

Tina Rowe

Executive Director, I.H.R.


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